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Monday, October 17, 2011

Soup's Ready!! ...finally

Thank you (again) so much to everyone for the kind words and the patience while I "got it together" and "got on with it"  lol.

Here is what my bead soup turned into.  It isn't the stunning masterpiece that I had envisioned but, I think it's pretty darn good.  I've never worked with chain before.  I've only ever beaded.  This chain was actually another necklace until shortly before it turned into this one.  I didn't like the way the other one worked when I got it (mail order) so, I had planned on changing it anyway...just not this way.  lol

So, now for my soup pics.  There were other stones but, I'm just not sure what it wants to be yet. I've realized that a medication I was put on by my doctor has been part of my issue...going to have THAT fixed really soon.  Nothing like having something given to you and making the issue worse rather than better.

Anyway, ... on with the show ...

Here's both the earrings and the necklace.  The coils on the necklace are pink not copper, hard to believe in these pics I know but, it's true.

the necklace all by itself

close up #1 - the top of the focal and the toggle - I really like the milky blue colour of the round agate beads

close up of the focal - such a pretty stone - I like the way these colours came together.

the earrings - I used the pink wire  because of the pink focal, truly it matches better than the pics show

and a close up

I hope you like it!  I'm off to start to look at what all of you posted now.  I didn't think it was fair of me to see what you had before I posted mine so I haven't even looked yet.  All except at my partner Bella's.  ...and what a beautiful job she did!   Here's the link to her soup  --->  Bella @ Wirelicious
aaaannnnd here's the link to the list of Bead Soup's, just in case I'm not the last one in the world to look at them!  (you'll have to scroll down a little, there are 362 of us!!)  ---> Bead Soup Fall 2011

That's all for tonight everyone.  There is more to come.  I'm going to work on some Chain Maille next! I'm so excited...Christmas presents!!  Have a spectacular week and happy creating!

~<3 GillyBean.

Friday, October 07, 2011


Hello my friends!

I would like to start off by saying a great big heartfelt thank you for all of the kind words.  They helped more than you can imagine.

I am on my way back.  My inspiration was gone for a while there was rather depressing.  I was in Michael's (if you don't know what that is well, it's a giant craft store with anything and everything you could possibly's like Christmas everyday for the creative) and I had a super coupon and there were sales and I had money to burn and I couldn't find anything that sparked my interest.  Oh and I tried! I think I grabbed a package of toggles and another of charms just for spite but, I'm not even sure what they look like or where I've left them at the moment.  I don't wish that feeling on anyone.  Anyway, I was doing some shopping on line the other day and did a little better.  Hehehe.

I am going to get back to my project and have it up asap.  Just as soon as I kick this weird bug.

I've had a fever all week and dizzy spells and nausea.  It hasn't been so bad as to need a Dr really but, it's certainly dragging out.   I feel like I'm fighting an infection but, have no idea what type.  My ears and throat aren't inflamed at's odd.

Anyway, my energy seems to be getting back up to where I like it and hopefully it will stay there...or keep growing.

Also, there are some big changes coming.  I'm not certain how they are going to manifest but, they will and it will be better.

Have a spectacular weekend everyone!  It's Thanksgiving here in Canada so for all of my Canadian friends I hope you enjoy your long weekend and have so much family fun and turkey and ham you'll be too worn out and stuffed for the family squabbles that always seem to go with such get togethers.

~<3 lots of love to you all GillyBean.