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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lessons Learned

So, lesson learned today in a BIG way this past 24-48 hours.

I had the "cold" that's been going around.  There is always at least one here. I have had a cough for weeks. but, just a cough.  It's dry up here...that's all.

The other day when I went in to work (for my second day of over time, that would be day 23 in a row by the way) the lodge manager decided that turning down the "ambient temperature" to 18.5C (...lemme just go check that in F....) which is 65.3 in Fahrenheit. Damn cold. Plus I had wet hair from the shower because I'd been working nights for three weeks and had switched to days and sleep was more important that dry hair...or so I thought.   Then that night I spent with "my man" who likes his room boiling hot and my cough got worse. I figured again it was just because I was too hot and it was so dry. However, much to my denial I could feel I was getting worse and worse.

So, while in town the next day I went to the health store and got some lozenges and tea and a humidifier that diffuses essential oils of which they have one specific to cold and flu, along with a few other lovely things. (incidentally my total came to 222.11, I thought that was pretty cool. Check out meanings of numbers here Angel Numbers)

Well, I left the store, got out to the car and remembered that I was going to get Oregano Oil pills for my co-workers so that they would quit getting sick and passing it along to me as my cough was progressing down in to my chest and I wasn't enjoying it. (this is available in capsule form, I highly suggest that way however, if you're dedicated and want a better, quicker effect then by all means get liquid form, blech, yes I tried it)

When I went back in there was a lady at the till who had a very bad cough and I could feel her pain (I'm a bit empathic). The poor thing, all I could think was that I hope she's better soon, and that I hope I don't get that bad. Well, the lady behind the till sent her off with healing energy and so did I. After Sick Lady left Till Lady told Owner Lady that Sick Lady's mom had just died and she'd been sick ever since (what a conversation followed that! lol).

So, oregano oil purchased and just a few more things left to do in town before I headed back to Camp.  Almost immediately I found my cold getting worse. I thought nope, I'm going to beat this thing and it's not going to get me and I'm getting out of Camp tomorrow. Well, (and here's where it gets weird) I had bought some meditation cds. One of them was healing on a cellular level. I did that (and a few more). It was good. I spoke with Arch Angel's Rafael (healing), Michael (protection) and Metatron (balancing) asking for help from them. They delivered. The cough that I could feel seeping into my chest had crept back out and for all intents and purposes I should have felt better. Why did I feel as though I was getting worse and worse? Then sometime this afternoon(probably more like evening) it hit me. Sick Lady! I took on her suffering (yes it's possible, it's worse for my sister). No sooner had I cut that cord and sent her some more healing energy and protected myself did I start feeling so much better. Man! I've heard that if you don't learn a lesson the first time (oh that was a doozy too) "they'll" send it again but holy moly!!! That was harsh! lol

Anyway, I just wanted to share. I hope you're having a lovely evening/weekend! (now if this cough and raw throat would just leave me be I will too! lol)

Oh yeah!  Happy New Year!!!  Welcome to 2012. What a year this will be.  I'm so incredibly excited!