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Friday, July 18, 2014

Another weekend away

So, I'm enjoying my time away but, I am beginnig to miss things at home.  My Ravvy and my own car seat pop into my head just now....and also while I'm driving the truck and putting the baby into it and taking him out.  There's really nothing wrong with's just awkward and not mine.

I think the baby is getting home sick too.  I was doing face-time calls with my parents and his dad regularly (semi) and thought that would help but, it doesn't seem to have and with him being so sick this week he really hasn't been the same at all.  I just hope he's feeling better soon.

In other news I feel as though things are moving in the right direction for me, aside from a few hiccups.  There's good things happening all the time now and it's going to get better, I can feel it!  I did my first attempt at a "channelled message" this week.  I was entirely invigorating and completely satisfying.  I'm going to practice some more right now.

I'll leave you with is truly amazing the wondrous things that come about when you LET GO and let things happen all on their own (this hasn't been an easy thing for me to learn, I'm still not entirely there yet) but, I'm much closer!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!  I hope it is inspired by The Divine Beings Guiding you through life.
~~<3 GillyBean

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Don't judge me....

A bit of a vent here....

Don't judge.  They are not living your life and you are not living theirs.  So, you cover your needs with your choices and let them do what they will with theirs.

I choose to eat when I'm hungry.  Sleep when I'm tired.  Go out when I want.  Basically do as I like when I like.  This is QUITE simply put (of course there are on occasion things that have to be worked around but, everyone has those).  It has also changed drastically since I've got a baby now but still.....we sleep when we're tired and eat when we're hungry and basically do as we please.....and by "we" I mean "the baby" of course.  lol

Why should I restrict myself to a schedule that DOES NOT work for me or the baby?  I didn't put him in this schedule.  It just came about naturally.  If anything he put me on it.  If I KNOW that I am more productive in the dark hours than in the early morning hours then, why would I not live my life that way?

Just because someone's actions or behaviours to not work for you or you don't understand them do not think that they are evil or wrong or backward or unworthy.  This energy will be transferred to them and eventually it will become true.  THAT is SO wrong.

Luckily I have had enough practice in deflecting this type of psychic attack (and don't be fooled that is EXACTLY what it is) that it truly doesn't bother me however, there are those out there that are unaware such things exist and are therefore unable to protect themselves.  They DO NOT deserve your resentment, anger and mis-understanding.

signing off with love
~~<3 GillyBean

Monday, July 14, 2014

Another busy weekend....

Well, it was another busy weekend and this past Sunday we went for a drive to look at the boats.  The baby just LOVED that!!  We'll see how he likes getting in them soon.  It wasn't such fun last year at all.  I'm not sure if it was the straight.....I mean Life Jacket he was forced to wear (by me, lol, gotta be safe!!) or the noise of the motor on the boat.  It was probably both.  Poor little angel.....maybe it was the girly Dora theme on it.  lol

Lets hope that this year is better.

Anyway, some of the names of towns in this province are way odd!!  I guess that's true of anywhere if you aren't from the right?  What are some of the ones from around where you are that you think are normal because that's where you grew up but "out-of-town'ers" trip over them.  I know a big one for me is Skookumchuk.  I never thought twice about it until someone couldn't pronounce it.

Just a quickie tonight.  I'm anticipating a sleepless night...those last two eye teeth are coming in.  UGH!!  I've got him good and drugged up though so, maybe I'll get lucky but, going to get some sleep before I miss it all.

~~<3 GillyBean.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy


with crystals.  Really.  I love rocks.  All of them. From pebbles to mountains.  From the ones you curse in your garden (or windshield) to the ones in your jewellery.


I mention this because after my day yesterday I went and finally did the meditation that comes with the "free kit with sign-up" that you get when you sign up for Hibiscus Moon's newsletter (you can get it too...just click here --> Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy) and today was a complete turn around from yesterday.

Wonderful and peaceful.

What a difference.

Also, I purchased the Crystal Grids Template Package and as soon as I can I'm going to do the Prosperity and Abundance Grid.  I'll do the rest too but, that's gonna be the first one.  I'm actually thinking about drawing it so that I can just get started on getting the energy flowing and hopefully it will work even without the crystals.  I'm travelling and I didn't have enough room to pack all of mine so, maybe I'll also try to "tweak" it to work with what I did happen to bring....just gotta find that bracelet.....hmmmm.

....or go shopping!!

Anyway, I also have been (for some years now) wanting to take her Certified Crystal Healer Course aaaand (shameless plug) if you click on one of the links on this post or on the banner over there ---> and purchase something a percentage of that will go towards me being able to FINALLY afford it.  However, with the grid that I intend to use it won't take me as long to get there and I'll just get the percentage in ca$h.  lol

Anyway, that's it for today.  Be sure to stop by and take a look at the website.  She's got some fantastic stuff from digital books to rocks to amazing info.  (click below)

To paraphrase Hibiscus Moon herself "have a wonderfully sparkly weekend!!  Also, you find yourself having some trouble with the wonky energy from the full moon and solar flares that is happening I'm sure you'll find something on her website that will help.

~~<3 GillyBean

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Adventures....oh yes!

So, today I decided (finally-it was late) to go for a drive with the baby.  I did need a few things and it was a yucky weather kind of day and we needed to get out of the house and out of the "in-law's" hair. So this didn't

It's not that they're bad people, they are just the opposite really, we just have different ideas.

Anyway, since I'm new to the area I thought, well, I'll go the "other way" because it's not really that different time-wise and I need to get to know the are.  Well, I ended up behind some tiny little town on a gravel road.  Decided NOT WITH THE BABY and turned around and went the way I knew.  Got to the town I was heading for and went to the Rec. Complex and asked about swimming lessons and schedule then we played in the park and got back in the truck and headed to the mall/store and ended up in some other little town on another gravel road that ended in the ocean.

So, finally got to where we were going and it was supper time.  Decided to have dinner at a fast food fish-n-chips place.  I'm pretty sure they over charged me...3 pc fish-n-chips with gravy and a pop for me and milk for the baby cost $23.  What?!? I thought to late.  *sigh*

Now, the baby is very good at picking up his Mom's moods and at about this time he started throwing fits.  I am usually good at blocking my energy from affecting him but....I am only human.  So, dinner was a BLAST to say the least.  After that we went to play in a grassy area and I thought everything was all better because we had some food, the baby had another run outside and everyone was calm again.  So, back in the truck....babies hate car seats.  Mine is quite stubborn and quite strong and very stubborn. Here the stress level went back up but, groceries had to be bought.  So, off we went.  SCREAMING through the store.  Then my parents called and started "talking" to me about things that I am not able to do anything about, haven't been able to do anything about for some time and won't be for some time still.  So, I've got a seriously unhappy baby, I'm pushing a cart around a store I don't know, listening to the same story about things that I don't want to hear about again and getting appalled at the price of fruit and lack of organic things here.

Now, I've told the baby that he can have some of the berries that I picked up after we pay for them.  This is not usually the way I do things.  I'm generally very patient and if he wants a snack while we're shopping then GO FOR IT!  However, I was frustrated and wanted to get out of there.  I have no idea where I wanted to get to in such a hurry.  Anyway, I'm sure he was upset by that because he really wanted some berries and as soon as we got to the check-out line .........

.....................  berries everywhere.  It also didn't help that I was on the phone.  However, had I known that it was that easy to open the container I'd have done it before or made sure he couldn't get at them.  I must have had quite a reaction though because people all around me were comforting me and making calming gestures.  Zack was happy, he had about 15 berries that didn't hit the floor.  He ate them while the nice lady cleaned up the mess as I stood there wondering "what next" while some guy kept telling me "let him eat his berries!  lol  I had quite given in to that by now.

Well, for some reason, I decided it was a good idea to call my parents back once we got in the truck and I won the car seat battle of wits.  It helped though because I got to complain about some things myself and also probably because I had a mini fit on my mother who was starting up with her complaints again so, I felt a wee bit better.

Then we are off "home".  Got lost again.  Got found again.  It got super foggy and I slowed down.  Then, as I finished thinking the thought "oh yeah, I was told that moose come out here at this time of night" (as the sun is going down) guess what?!?

A moose ran out into the road in front of me.  HE WAS HUGE.  Just add twilight and heavy fog and you'll get the idea of what I saw.  Slammed on the breaks, freaked out, threw the groceries all over the floor of the truck.  Asked the baby if he was ok.  He had no idea what had even happened.

At this time I was starting to panic because I was super low on gas and had no idea where the next station was.  After all I had 1/2 a tank when I left the house.  I realized as I was finishing my previous adventure that I needed a gas station and hoped to run into one.  Didn't.  I got to the next turn and now my phone is almost dead and has no service anyway and I can't remember which way to go but, can't look on the app on my phone.  Wouldn't be a HUGE deal, I'd have figured it out fairly quickly but....the gas issue.

Exactly what I did.  I went the right way and pulled into that gas station that WASN'T closed just as the truck started panicking about the lack of gasoline.  By the time I got home I was feeling better.  The house was empty so, that was better.  Took in the baby and the groceries, got everything put away and in came the in-laws.  So, the evening ended on a high note.

Learning this lesson the hard way!  lol

I sure did pick a doozy of a day to start my 100 Days of Happy!!  I managed to find something though.  More on that another night.

Have a pleasant and un-stressed out day/night.  This is where I'm headed.

love to you all
~~<3 GillyBean.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014


Hope this works.  Blogging from the phone....

Am I cut out for this...?

What a day!  I didn't really do anything or go anywhere but, I was busy and I'm beat.  I guess that's the "stay at home Mom" gig eh?  I never ever thought I was someone who was cut out for that.  I always secretly envied my sister-in-law who worked hard at her full-time+ career and then a few other odd part-time jobs on the side while my brother (who due to unfortunate injuries wasn't able to keep his) got to stay home and raise their kids.

Now, I find myself wishing for more time and the ability to stay "home".  I say "home" but I can't seem to stay there for more than a day or two without getting itchy feet.  I LOVE spending time with the baby, can't get enough of it actually.  I just don't seem to be someone who can stay in one place and be happy.  However, I've never really tried it.  I was always on the go for as long as I can remember.  I have never EVER been a homebody.

This visit with the baby's father's family is forcing the issue though.  They are in a VERY rural area but, there is just enough here that I don't REALLY need to go anywhere and anywhere is a 20 minute drive so, I need a good reason.  We'll see how long it lasts before I go insane.  lol

The thing is when I envision my "ideal future" I have a house in the woods with a garden and a place to practice my healing and whatever else I end up doing so, I don't get why I'm so uncomfortable with this staying put situation.  I saw a post last night about a floating city and thought "PERFECT!"

Then the conspiracy theorist in me spoke up and it looked a lot like some of those movies that involve population control and unusual "rules" that need to be followed accompanied by martial law.  Maybe not so ideal after all.

So, I'll keep plugging away with the knowledge that "the right thing" is winging its way quickly towards me and see what happens.

Have a wonderful crazy adventure filled day everyone.
~~<3 GillyBean.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Starting Again

How do you start a blog?  How to you pick up on a blog that you started years ago (a little more than seems like so much longer!) and re-frame it with your new interests and continue on? this....

So, I sit here in my infant son's father's parent's home (didja get that? lol) listening to the wind and the waves on the shore and I find myself drifting.  Not physically (thankfully, I am in bed!) but spiritually and just in general.

I feel as though I have no purpose and no future.  Of course there are the things that involve family but, that's for them.  What about me and the contributions I'm supposed to be making to the world?  I keep asking advice of my Spiritual Team and I keep getting the answers "write" and "work with children".  This has been going on for quite some time (years really).  I was talking to a wonderful lady the other night and expressed my frustration and lack of a Path.  I told her about the messages (ones she`s given me more than once incidentally) and she said...I thought you had a blog.

So, here I am and until something else comes along here I`ll stay.  As for the working with children well, that's going to have to be shortened to "work with child" until something else comes along as well because that's it.  I just have the one and I'm not a daycare type of person.  (Well, I've got two kids but the older one is 22 and he can take care of himself.)

I'll leave you with this for now.  My darling boys last Hallowe'en.  Waldo and The Duck.