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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Humbling Realization

Wow...I've been looking at what some people have sent and received on your wonderful blogs and am afraid that my "newbie-ness" has left me at quite a disadvantage.  I'm afraid that what I sent pales in comparison to anything that I've seen.  It didn't even occur to me to "fancy up" the packaging. I just found a box that I was sure would make the trip over-seas and packed everything in safe and sound.  Then I had no idea that everyone was sending so much!  I suppose next time I will know better.  I certainly could have sent more.  Actually, would have loved to but, I mis-understood I suppose.  Anyway, I hope my partner Bella isn't too disappointed when she opens it (assuming she manages to get her package, I haven't heard yet).  It may be lacking in "stuff" and fancy packaging but certainly not in good intentions and enthusiasm (or shipping costs!  lol, another newbie mistake).  I didn't even think to include a note!

Ah well, another lesson learned I guess.  Maybe I'll start brewing my soup for the next party now...assuming I can participate.

Have a lovely day my fellow creators.
~<3 GillyBean.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bead Soup's been Bungled.

So, we are at a frustrating point in our bead exchange. My partner and I are anyway.

My Bead Soup has arrived from England and I am not where it is for another four days!!  Ack!

On the other end the postal services had added on extra charge....basically holding my package hostage.  grrrr   That should be sorted out soon enough.

In the mean time I thought I'd give Bella (my partner) something to think about.

I've sent some stones.  The stone is called mookaite.  As far as I can tell it is from Australia (someday I want to go there).  It comes in so many different colours.  Red, purple, ivory, brown, pink, orange, black,'s awesome.

Twice in the last few years I've ended up visiting Kissimmee, Florida.  Along with the other attractions I went to some of the many flea markets that they have.  In the back of one of them there was a guy that makes jewelry.  He also sells stones.  It's great!  I get some amazing things and add all kinds of weight to my suitcase  and he makes a killing off of me!  Anyway, he's always got something interesting whether its the shape of the bead or the type of's usually my favourite part of the holiday.

This last time I got some mookaite in a few different shapes.  That along with a few other things I've acquired since is what I sent.

Here are some links that I've found;

A bit of history

Pics of a mine

Metaphysical properties - if your interested in that type of thing, ALSO there's a great picture of the different colours of the stone.

Where you can buy some - also some pictures of the incredible colours of this stone.

Some of my collection.

There's some incredible colours in there eh?

Hopefully next time there will be good news about both of us receiving our bead soup and pics!!

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!!
~<3 GillyBean.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

days off


I'm on my way home for days off at long last!!  This past few months have been long and exhausting and so packed full of everything you could possibly imagine!

I am exhausted and exhilarated at the same time...yes, it is possible.  lol

I have 9 whole days off this time.  One has been spent.  Another two (at least) will be spent travelling and the rest...who knows. I'm hoping to get some Geocaching in this time.  Do some beading.  I've got some fabulous new ideas brewing! I'm so excited!!!  Also, I have to practice my newest skill.  Reiki.  At long last I am now a Certified Level II USUI Reiki Practitioner.

Now, of course because I'm not at work my Bead Soup will arrive...ah well, I've got time to figure out what I'll do with it after my days off.  I can't wait!  Why does the mail take so long?!?   hehehe

Anyway, I'm off to sleep now, in my hotel room, in one of those charming little hotels that you don't look too closely at because you are afraid of what you might find but are too cheap to pay the extra $50 for the guarantee of a nice room.  lol   It's clean enough, it's just too bad I can still smell the last person who lived here.  I also (sadly) know that at some point during his (I assume it was a he) stay he had some sour cream and onion chips.  *sigh*  At least the sheets and pillow cases are clean and the bathtub was divine...mostly and the internet is free!  Oh, I think they tried to bribe me at check in with a box of chocolates.  I've never seen that before.  It's a neat idea.

Also, before I go, I should put in a HUGE thank you to my team of guardians.  This hotel (motel?) is still on the old system of keys.  Big, square, with the number stamped on, and must remember the type.  lol   Anyway, I opened my room (the door didn't swing shut behind me, I think that's what messed me up) hauled a few things in from the YarCar and closed the door, put on the chain, undressed, fixed the curtains, put down the blinds (yes in that order sadly, didn't notice the window at the back of the dark room and didn't realize the curtains were gaping), turned on the a/c (hoping to filter some of the smell) and climbed in the tub.  After a few hours of relaxing I decided I wanted that bag of chips in the passenger seat, pretty sure I forgot to have dinner tonight.  So, I went outside to get them and the key was still in the door.  Yikes!!  So, to my guardians those that we can all see and hear and those that only a special few can....thank you very much for keeping "the wrong people" from noticing that lapse in my diligence....and believe me when I tell you that Northern Alberta has more than it's fair share of "the wrong people".  This is why my Angels are so darn busy and why my best friend's father is often heard uttering the words "she's a scatter-brain but, she's OUR scatter-brain and we love her".  Love you too PaPa Bear!

So, with another adventure well underway GillyBean style I'll sign off by wishing all your days are filled with love, peace and laughter.

~<3 GillyBean.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's been a while so,

I don't have A LOT to say  but, it's been a while so I thought I'd pop in and say HI!

Not much to say.  Oh wait!

I did have an actual adventure the other night!

We had an incredible storm.

It was a lovely evening when I left.  There was a few bits of lightning in the clouds.  Then right in the middle of the horizon this HUGE bolt of lightning struck, and connected the sky and the ground for two or three seconds.  Now, I absolutely LOVE thunder and lightning storms so, my reaction would probably make people look at me like I was crazy but, I let out a whoop of delight and kept on going.  Oh, right I was in the car (my sister's, another adventure for another time, lol).  I drove on for a few more minutes and there was a little more lightning in the clouds and BANG another great bolt of lightning.  How exciting! I couldn't wipe the smile off my face.  This time there was a little bit of rain but nothing The YarCar and I couldn't handle.  I mean I  grew up driving an '88 Toyota LE Van in the Rockies.  A bit of rain is nothing...good to clean the windshield.  hehehe

So, I continued on, watching the clouds but, nothing happening.  Then I saw a cloud formation that looked like an eye.  Not a scary or creepy eye just someone up there looking down to see what they could see.  It was odd.  It looked a lot like this.

The Eye of Horus.  While I was looking at it trying to remember what it was called and what it was supposed to mean and wondering if I had time to pull over and dig out the camera or if it was worth it ...  the clouds went from a lightish grey to dark menacing black in a matter of seconds-that may be an exaggeration but, not by much.  It was AMAZING!  Then the lightning picked up.  It was still ahead of me and off to the side so, I still wasn't worried.  I mean, I'd just seen the Eye of Horus, what was to worry about right (it's for protection)?  Besides I had a spectacular view of the storm that was brewing.  I was hoping to make it to town in time to enjoy the thunder and rain in the trailer of the friend I was on my way to see.  Pretty soon I had made it up to where the nasty dark clouds were.  OH MY!!  It was pitch black in the day light hours then there'd be lightning flashes and it would be daylight again.  This is where I thought to myself....I think I'm heading into the, my next reaction should probably have me committed but, I was excited.  The energy from the lightning seemed to be flowing through me and it felt GREAT!!

I kept going,  the rain was starting but, it wasn't too bad so, I wasn't too worried.  I got to the bottom of The Hill and the lightning was coming faster and faster, it was like a strobe light.  Incredible.  Then the rain hit. HOLY GOD!!!  Did it ever hit.  The wipers wouldn't go fast enough for me to be able to see clearly but, I knew if I stopped I may not get going again.  I was in a Yaris after all, I thought, damn I hope she's got good tires on this thing....I was also thinking to myself, this must be a big storm because I haven't heard any thunder yet.  That's when the hail started.  Thankfully, it didn't last long, I was worried that it would dent my Sister's baby and she would never forgive me for that, natural disaster or not!

Then I saw lights on a police car.  I thought oh please don't make me stop, because on top of being worried about not getting going again as the water on the road was fairly deep (I could feel the car hydro-planing from time to time) I had to get to town in time to pick up dinner.  LoL  yes, foolish thing to be worrying about.  ...actually, the real worry was that I was hoping to get a chance to call my friend and say can you pick it up instead.  However, I was busy "keeping it between the lines" and wasn't able to do so and there was no way I was pulling over so, no phone calls for me.

Anyway, there was no stopping, the worst parts were the people who thought they drove better than I did because they were in bigger vehicles passing me and messing with the wind currents and throwing more water in front of me.  As I said earlier though, I grew up driving on black ice in snow storms so a little rain an lightning didn't do anything.  It was a HUGE rush, I loved it!  It was mostly abated except for a little rain by the time I got to town and I was completely exhilarated.  What a drive that was!  I didn't even get 'road rage-y' at the guy in the big cube van that was obviously disoriented from his experience in the storm and couldn't pick a lane and tried to squish me.  No, that didn't bug me at all.  Even thinking about it again, I get that same high.  I loved it.

What killed my buzz was the absolutely appalling customer service from the lady where I was picking up dinner.  What is it with people these days that it is so hard to be pleasant to each other.  Every chance she got she was rude.  I should have said something but, what?  She thought it was me being offensive although, I'm not really sure what I did to offend her besides going to her place of business.

Honestly, if you are that unhappy in your life change it.  There's a lesson we all need to live (me especially) I just need to find a way to do it.

When I got to my friend's place and told him all about the last 90 minutes I asked him if he'd heard any thunder.  He said that there was all kinds of it.  That's when I realized I must have been smack dab in the middle of the storm because I didn't hear any...and I don't think the stereo in it goes that loud.  Isn't thunder caused by air being super heated by the lighting and then it clapping together?  I'm pretty sure it's something like that, I'm also sure there is someone out there who could explain it better than me.  All I know is that there was lots of lightning and even more rain and no thunder where I was.  I realize now that I was lucky not to be struck.  What an experience that would have been!!

Anyway, I need to head off to sleep now.  I agreed to help someone and need to be awake to do it in six hours...yep, that's me 'sucker for punishment' it's written on my forehead. hehehe

I wish you all great adventures every day.

~<3 GillyBean.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Full Moon / Mercury in Retrograde / Be Healing Mandala

I have been having the hardest time with energy in the air recently. I've finally figured out what's causing it!!

First the moon. I live in the very far north, and I'm not sure that it's "north" or just where I am in the north.  Anyway, here the Full Moon seems to last AT LEAST three nights is more intense than anywhere I've ever experienced before (and I've lived in  A LOT of places, maybe I'll tell you about them someday).  Then there is the New Moon.  It's just about as bad....and ON TOP of that when the moon is know when you look up in the sky and its just this huge yellow ball (or part of one) .... that energy tingles up and down my arms and legs and lingers in the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet.  I soon hope to know how to harness it and use it for good.  Reiki, I pray that will help me!
*A chart    *An essay

A while ago I learned of "Mercury in Retrograde".  What an interesting time this is.  If you've had trouble getting something off the ground recently this could be why.  Try again in a week or more and you should have more luck.  This explains A LOT of moodiness for me.
*A newsletter    *Some good info with a chart    *Good info with a sense of humour!    *This is who I learned about MiR from - some good advice

The Be Healing Mandala...there is a web site / store that is full of intuitive women and one man.  They are incredible!  The lady that heads the group is quite amazing too.  This group of people have come up with a Crystal Healing Grid Mandala. Each one of them has a stone/crystal on this grid that Claire has picked out specially for them and everyday someone charges it with a different energy or intent.  You can purchase a place on this grid for a certain amount per month or week..I don't remember how it works.  Anyway, I was added to it.  Now, anytime someone works with it (especially Claire and especially when she's adding someone new) I get the tingly agitated feeling.  Again, I just wish I knew how to channel that energy for the good.  ....soon!  lol
The Be Healing Website - it's worth a look!

PS: If you want my advice and are thinking about having a reading I suggest an Angel Reading.  I've had readings done by Claire, Tiffany (the Reiki Master whom I'm getting my certification from), Balen (that was a quickie but, I'm looking into something more) and Christine.  All of which were incredibly insightful.  I'll also mention that I've never been in the same room with a single one of them but, a few of them I feel quite close to.  Also, if you're on fb and you "like" their group...the 3333rd person wins a free reading.  When I looked earlier tonight it was at 3320 so, hurry on over!

That's it for tonight.  I wish you all a restful, relaxing Sunday and hope that you don't have too many "Murphy's Moments" as a result of the Cosmos!

~<3 GillyBean

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Oh what a day!! Potentially 4 big things.

#1 - Bead Soup!!


I was completely stressed out for close to a week about what I would send for my Bead Soup.  I had been focused on what I'd get and wondered about what I'd have a chance to create....never once did it cross my mind to think about what I'd be sending!  lol   (if it had I may not have signed up, I'm sure glad I did though)

Finally, I asked my angels (who are always with me and constantly averting disaster) to gimme a hand with this one.  It took a few days (I'm terribly impatient) but, OH MAN !  Did they ever deliver!  The funny thing about it is when I ordered what arrived today I didn't even know the BSBP existed!!  Talk about divine timing!

Anyway, my usual habit is to make something and post it to my fb immediately to share with friends and family.  I couldn't do that this time because I've got links to my fb albums on my blog and don't want to ruin the surprise!  So now, here I sit BURSTING with excitement and I cant share it with anyone because they're all asleep.   I'm a night owl and tend to work late...ah well, c'est la vie!   I will put some pics up in a few days. I promise they won't give anything away.

One little glitch is that I didn't have a pretty clasp to perfectly match my focal bead. I had some a few months ago.  lol   However, I've made peace with what I've chosen to send and can't wait to see what my partner does with it all.  I sure know what I'd try to do!

#2 - A realization

This one actually happened last night.  I have this 'friend' that I have been in a non-committed relationship with for over two years now.  He was just out of a long bad marriage and I have had a long string of bad experiences.   We just seemed to mutually came to the understanding that we'd carry on how we had been and do what we do and not have any strings.  It's been going along just fine.  Sometimes one of us gets a little more attached, or the other pulls away but, generally it's been lovely.  We've always got a 'date' but, don't have to worry about making plans around what the other one is doing.

Perfect right?

Well, the other night I realized something as I was driving into town after work to visit with him and thinking about all the things that I should be home doing, laundry, studying, defrosting the fridge, sleeping, making my bead soup, ....basically; bettering myself so that I can get out of this god-forsaken wasteland that I work in and open my business.  That's when it hit me (out of the blue, like a bucket of water from the sky lol) that I spend A LOT of time on this "relationship" that isn't going anywhere.  When I spoke with a friend about it today she seemed as shocked about me realizing it as I did., what to do...  lol ...must be time to move on.

#3 - My Reiki Manual Arrived!!!

I can't tell you how excited I was to receive this in the mail today.  I opened it at work and dared to start reading it. I can't wait to make an appointment to start learning how to work with it.  It is Usui Level 1 & 2.  Soon, not only will I be able to make jewelry for wonderful people, I'll be able to charge it with certain "intents" for the people buying it to help them in whatever way that they feel help is needed.  I LOVE empowering people.


lol, ok...that's the potential one.  I bought a ticket.  I would love for it to be true!  Someday....soon I hope.  I'm sure all of you feel the same.  I'm just going to believe in the power of positive thinking and attraction.  ...let the universe deliver to me what I need.

Have a super wonderful day everyone!!
~<3 GillyBean.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not much to say today

I've been up all night trying to figure out what flavour to make my Bead Soup  (hehehe).  Ideas are brewing and I think I've got a good start!

Should be off in the mail by Friday.  I hope that it gets there ok.  All that trouble brewing over-seas (from me) is rather frightening and my soup partner is right smack dab in the middle of it.

I wish everyone all the best and hope that the rioters see the destruction and anguish they are causing soon and stop.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

~<3 GillyBean.

Monday, August 08, 2011

The Bead Soup Blog Party - August 2011

BSBP August 2011!!

What is it?  Click the pic!
Bead Soup Blog Party

So today I found my partner for the Bead Soup Blog Party . . . thankfully!  I have been faithfully reading all of my e-mails Lori Anderson who is spending her own precious free time doing the organizing of this massive event when I was surprised to read that the list of partners had been sent!  "Wait!!  I didn't get a list!  Ack!!"  Well, apparently that e-mail got sent out through some kind of server and my gmail account registered it as SPAM and I had to go hunting!

Anyway, I am SUPER excited yet VERY nervous all at the same time.  I was looking at a few of the sites for other people registered for this event and I feel as though I'm in a bit over my head.  All of these other ladies and (I assume there are) gentleman are making their own findings and beads and such...yikes!  lol  I'm sure I'm up for the task of making something amazing with what I'm sent but, I'm completely terrified of sending something out that isn't up to par.  I'm new to the jewelry making world and while I'm looking forward (in the future) to making my own beads and findings and everything else I'm just not there yet.

Now, because I had some trouble finding things that all of the people on the list actually made I'll put a link below to find my things.  I hope it works!  Now, the pictures aren't great by any means, they were taken with my phone and posted to my fb page but, they give an idea of what I do.

My Creations

Trial and Error

Happy Beading...or whatever it is that you do!

~<3 GillyBean.

Friday, August 05, 2011


free tigger 1024

Well, today was a day of nice surprises.  I had some laughs.  Had a drive. Did some shopping.  Work was quiet....not unusual these days.  I don't have much to say.  I thought of something earlier but, I didn't write it down's gone.  Maybe it'll come back, maybe not.  Who knows.

I'm going to go put some questions out to the cosmos and go to sleep and hopefully I'll have some answers by morning.

Then it's off for another drive.  Forgot to buy my lotto tickets on the last trip!  lol

ttfn everyone!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Leaving it to the Ether....

I've been trying lately at much egging on from a number of different sources to "let it go".  This has been incredibly hard for me to do.  I realized today that it's because letting go and sending things out for "my guides"   ( of which I know I have many )   to take care of feels too much like I'm ignoring things that I need to deal with because I've had it drilled into my head all my life that "this isn't how the real world works!"

...and THAT my friends is where the real issue is.  The things I was brought up to believe.  Well, not just believe but, to know.  It's hard to go against what you've had programmed into you from childhood, even if you've fought it every step of the way.  To suddenly be given permission to do just what you've always thought was the right way is awkward and strange.  Take it from me...changing your core values and how you live your life and believe you should act is no easy task.

I'm just not sure how to reconcile "letting go" and "dealing with it" and how much "work" do I have to do myself before I "let the universe take care of it" makes my head spin!!  lol

Have a wonderful night everyone.
~<3 GillyBean.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

a Reason, a Season, a Lifetime

Hi Everyone;

I had that spam e-mail proven to me tonight.  The one that says everyone you come accross is there for a reason a season or a lifetime. ...maybe that's not quite what I mean.

There was a person....she was with a company that contracts people out to my Lodge and they are closely linked with my department.  Anyway, she was here for maybe ten days before deciding to leave that company to go and work somewhere else.  I had only worked with her for four shifts but, the difference between when she was here and tonight is significant.  I'm not the only one to have noticed it either.  I find it amazing that someone that I interacted with so minimally and for such a short time can leave such a big hole.

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason, I just hadn't noticed that I don't LIVE it.  I've realized that I should start paying closer attention to all the people in my life and what lessons they are trying to teach me and not just the obvious ones.  The whole situation with this girl has left me with MANY questions.  I don't know that I've ever met anyone quite like her.  I've known alot of people that are full of life and light up a room when they come in but, this one was something else.  I can only hope that our paths will cross awkward as that may be for me when it does.  At any rate I feel lucky to have known her even for the short time that I did.

This video on YouTube says it better than I can.  a Reason, a Season, a Lifetime

I'm going to sign off tonight by saying make sure that you take notice of all your surroundings and how the people that you interact with affect them because someone may be suddenly yanked out of your world and you won't realize what you've had until they're gone.

(! I'm full of cliches tonight aren't I?  lol)

Sleep sweet everyone,

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Day 2 (How original! lol)

Not too much to talk about today.  Decided not to fight with that lovely ornate beaded bead that I was working on last night and then again this morning before work.  Instead I  wasted 90 minutes on facebook and am now going to go and watch Ghost. ( Haven't seen that in years!)  Then off to sleep and hopefully to town in the morning.

Good night world, don't miss me too much!

Monday, August 01, 2011

My Very First Blog

I've been thinking for quite some time that I would like to start a blog.  Today I  came across a site that had something I wanted to participate in.  However, in order to participate in it I would have to start a blog. So, here I am.

I am learning as I go so, please forgive anything that is hard to read, hard to see or just plain not good.  lol  I like playing with colours and settings and such so, for the first while  I will probably be changing the look of my blog quite a bit.  Please bear with me during this time.

I have opened up a new store on Etsy, please feel free to drop by.  It is called GillyBeansGems  I welcome any comments and purchases!

As things progress I will add pictures of my Creations to my blog (I assume I can do these things right?) and hope to continue on with this on a regular basis.

Here is the link to the Bead Soup Blog Party that I wanted to be a part of and finally got me to start up a blog.  It looks like alot of fun!  I can't wait to see what happens.
Bead Soup Blog Party

As to my adventures.  I've often said that I need to write down some of the things that happen in my life because they just wouldn't be believed....and sometimes they just shouldn't be forgotten.  So, here's to writing down your memories and sharing them with the world.

Thanks for stopping by!
I wish lots of love and many blessings to you and yours.