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Monday, September 19, 2011

Bead Soup

Hi Everyone,

It is with much humiliation and great sadness that I write this post.

Due to unexpected circumstances in my life in the last week I have been unable to complete my project.  YET

I do intend to finish and post it.  I have great ideas for two pieces that will compliment each other nicely.  However, this happened at our Sister Property just over a week ago:

“A 34-year old worker employed by PTI Group was electrocuted while installing electrical cable at Beaver River Lodge,” said Occupation Health and Safety spokesperson Sorcha Thomas.
The incident occurred on Sept 11 at about 9:30 am while the man was working at the main electrical distribution area for a camp that serves oil and gas workers about 49 km north of Fort McMurray.
“A stop work order for the electrical distributor is in effect, while our officers investigate the death,” said Thomas.
Beaver River Lodge is a 732-room facility with private management and executive suites, home-style cuisine, games room, licensed lounge, driving range and fitness facility.
PTI Group provides accommodations and food services to workers in remote areas. "

This was one of the kindest men you could know.  He's got 8 month old twins and another baby on the way.  Our construction Crew and Maintenance department is devastated.

Due to the nature of the accident Beaver River lost all power and other services for approximately 48 hours.  Now, because we are 45 minutes north of the most rudimentary civilization those 732 guests + staff and management had to be housed at our property which is right next door.

I work at the front desk and getting that many people (who are used to being pampered and are quite whiny ...I'm still exhausted and therefore a little whiny myself) into a Camp where the people they Manage are staying AND keeping them happy is no small task.  Add to that the fact that our little staff of five has been working short handed all summer and our relief came back 10 days late from holidays.  So the  three of us who were here to work at the time were already exhausted.  We then had to put in a number of 12+ hour days to ensure that everyone was taken care of aside from having to deal with the devastating loss.  It has been all we could do to make it through the day and then peel ourselves out of bed in the morning.  Also, while we only had our unexpected guests for two nights we had to be ready to take in all the ones that had been put out for those two nights the next day.

Anyway, enough whining from me about my problems.  What I would like to say is that I got started, the idea is in my head of how to do it but when I tried to get back at it the other night I found I hadn't the stregth, the energy or any patience hwatsoever to continue on.

I appologize everyone in the Bead Soup Blog Hop.  Right now I must get to work....again.  I have posted pictures of the pendant  that I made and the Egptian Coil Necklace that I started to make.  it was my plan to put in three or four of the coils then un-bend one and string one of the blue agate beads on it and continue on with the coils...I'm not sure how long it will end up yet.

Anyway, I am very sorry to have let you down in this.  I was so looking forward to participating in this blog hop.  I know that I am not the only one that has been stretched thin.  I wish I had been able to come through...if I had been able to find anything in me to make this on time I would have.  I think that's why I put off writing this.  I had thought I'd maybe throw something quick together but decided that this and my partner deserved more than a quick non-effort.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Blog Hopping and had a great weekend, here is what I have so far.

~<3 GillyBean
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