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Saturday, September 03, 2011

....oh boy! How I DO love the internet!!!

Oh so much wonderful stuff out there and so little time to appreciate it all!

I love the internet.  I always have.  I know it has a wealth of information.  I always knew that so much good could come from it if only people would give it a go.  What I didn't know is that there are SO MANY people out there already doing it!  I've been "blog-hopping" tonight rather than sleeping or making my bead soup piece (bad GillyBean!  lol) and I've found so many inspirational things.  All thanks to well, last fall I broke up with my very controlling boyfriend.  Took a drive to town.  Bought myself something pretty and ended up thinking to myself.  I can do that!  ...and with the new freedom and empowerment that I felt I decided at Christmas time that I would make myself a watch.  It was a hit with everyone who saw it!  I ended up selling quite a few.  Still have some orders out there.  I've also branched out into earrings and bracelets.  Nothing big but, I love making things that other people love as much as I do.  ...and I am always so surprised at that!  lol  (pictures of these things to follow, I know I have to get more up here...I promise I will!)

Anyway, my journey led in a roundabout way to the BSBP (there's a link over on the side there, if you want some info, it's a wonderful thing created and organized and very well handled by the amazing Lori over at Pretty Things, if you ask me I think she's got super powers!).  The BSBP has led me to some wonderful blogs.  (There are a few links to them as well, all are worth a peek and another one or two.... Amber Dawn's Inventive Soul this post started my evening off, another one that I follow by e-mail is Pink Lemonade, wow...and that's only three or four!).

Then finally I've been led to the Brave Girls Club, if you haven't read this post then please go do so now...I'll wait. ... ... ... ... ... ...    :-D    ... ... ... ... ...  The idea of this club (and I've only looked at it a little bit, so this is my very first impression) is something that seems to be the theme of my evening.  Wonderful, strong, passionate, creative women empowering others to follow their dreams.  What a great place the internet can be!

I am off to dream land.  Have a SPECTACULAR weekend everyone!

~<3 GillyBean.
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