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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Days Off

I always go into my days off thinking "I'm just going to sit around, relax and do what I want" then by the end of them I'll be ready to put in another 21 days.  However, "doing what I want" takes up too much time and I don't get nearly enough naps and baths and sleep-ins.  I also don't get in enough visiting of friends and family.  It's too bad because there are some great people out there for me to visit with and it doesn't happen often enough.  That makes me feel like the napping and bathing is a waste of time and I end up dis-satisfied and feeling unaccomplished on my days off.  It's a no win situation.

This time I had planned to pack up my room at camp, do some beading, finish off three different courses that I've be procrastinating at (four actually) and get at least one massage.  Go visit a dear friend who has a quickly growing baby that I don't get to spend nearly enough time with and another new friend as well.

Here's what I have gotten accomplished;

I've been able to visit with my son.  That was nice.  We don't get to visit much anymore.  Me working up north and him being 19 (yikes!) now and with a girlfriend.  He doesn't "need" me around as much anymore.  (I'm pouting here.)  I've also been housebound due to bad winter weather but, decided to be a rebel and go out anyway after all I grew up in the Mountains, what's a little Prairie weather right?   We emptied my storage space.  Then I sent my son packing it all back "home".  I've had two baths. One I couldn't enjoy because I was so tired I passed out and decided to go have a nap.  Then last night I was exhausted but, couldn't sleep.  Ended up keeping both me and my friend awake all night...and no fun was had!

This morning I needed to be up to go to the craft store because I had a coupon.  Anyone who knows me knows that night time is my time NOT mornings so, no sleep all night and up and on the go in the morning without washing or showering because the pipes were frozen in the trailer (the very same one I fell out of last days off).

So, there I was with my mini  cart full of stuff that I absolutely HAD to have at the till and ...where's my card?  I knew I'd used it this morning.  I was almost certain I'd gotten it back.  Ack!!  So, left my things (of course I'd have to line up again....sigh) and went to the car.  Not there.  Still not in my pockets.  Came back in.  Checked my pockets again.  Called a friend...can I borrow some $$ until I find it or replace it?  No answer.  Called another friend.  He could help...but, could he get there in time?  This coupon was ending in less than an hour.  Thankfully during that phone call they announced that they were going to extend the coupon by one more hour.  Relief!  So, I decided to run back to the drive-thru that I got my breakfast of champions at and see if they had it.  You never saw two kids move so goodness I wanted to go back and check myself!  lol  It wasn't there.  On my way back my friend called.  He was half way there when he realized that he had forgotten all of his cards and cash in his rush to my aid (such a sweetie!) and had to go back.  As I was turning back into the parking lot of the store I noticed that my bank was right there on the corner....and it was OPEN...on a Saturday?!?!?  I must be "small town".  lol  Don't even ask why I didn't notice it before.  I've been to that store so many times.

Anyway, problem solved, get a new card.  Just now to hope that there wasn't such a great line that it would take to long.  It didn't.  It was close.  So, back to the store with 15 minutes to spare.  Got the extra 40% off the uber expensive lamp that I SO needed plus the 25% off my entire purchase including sale items and still beat the $300 mark.  It's amazing the damage that can be done in an hour and still fit in two little bags...

It's ok though.  There is a craft fair in my home town for Christmas and my Sister and Mom are going to get a table.  All I have to do is pay for it and help to fill it up.  No problem right?  Except that I haven't gotten a damn thing done for my beading. Well, not entirely true.  I've gotten a few of the beaded beads done.  I think those are going to officially be "Gilly Bean's Gems"  I can't believe that I enjoy making something that can be so bloody frustrating.

I'll have to tell you the story of the "Chakra Bead" I still get all riled up just thinking about it.  It was a trial from begining to end.  It turned out beautifully though.  I'm going to have to start taking pictures of things at different stages.  It would make it easier to tell a story...and more interesting.

Anyway, after sleeping the afternoon away I'm off to have some dinner and then ... I don't know. Hopefully finish the bead that I got frustrated with lastnight and do one more.  ...and A BATH!!  Time will tell.

Have a FABULOUS weekend everyone!!
Stay warm.
~<3 GillyBean.
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