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Friday, July 11, 2014

Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy


with crystals.  Really.  I love rocks.  All of them. From pebbles to mountains.  From the ones you curse in your garden (or windshield) to the ones in your jewellery.


I mention this because after my day yesterday I went and finally did the meditation that comes with the "free kit with sign-up" that you get when you sign up for Hibiscus Moon's newsletter (you can get it too...just click here --> Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy) and today was a complete turn around from yesterday.

Wonderful and peaceful.

What a difference.

Also, I purchased the Crystal Grids Template Package and as soon as I can I'm going to do the Prosperity and Abundance Grid.  I'll do the rest too but, that's gonna be the first one.  I'm actually thinking about drawing it so that I can just get started on getting the energy flowing and hopefully it will work even without the crystals.  I'm travelling and I didn't have enough room to pack all of mine so, maybe I'll also try to "tweak" it to work with what I did happen to bring....just gotta find that bracelet.....hmmmm.

....or go shopping!!

Anyway, I also have been (for some years now) wanting to take her Certified Crystal Healer Course aaaand (shameless plug) if you click on one of the links on this post or on the banner over there ---> and purchase something a percentage of that will go towards me being able to FINALLY afford it.  However, with the grid that I intend to use it won't take me as long to get there and I'll just get the percentage in ca$h.  lol

Anyway, that's it for today.  Be sure to stop by and take a look at the website.  She's got some fantastic stuff from digital books to rocks to amazing info.  (click below)

To paraphrase Hibiscus Moon herself "have a wonderfully sparkly weekend!!  Also, you find yourself having some trouble with the wonky energy from the full moon and solar flares that is happening I'm sure you'll find something on her website that will help.

~~<3 GillyBean
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