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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Starting Again

How do you start a blog?  How to you pick up on a blog that you started years ago (a little more than seems like so much longer!) and re-frame it with your new interests and continue on? this....

So, I sit here in my infant son's father's parent's home (didja get that? lol) listening to the wind and the waves on the shore and I find myself drifting.  Not physically (thankfully, I am in bed!) but spiritually and just in general.

I feel as though I have no purpose and no future.  Of course there are the things that involve family but, that's for them.  What about me and the contributions I'm supposed to be making to the world?  I keep asking advice of my Spiritual Team and I keep getting the answers "write" and "work with children".  This has been going on for quite some time (years really).  I was talking to a wonderful lady the other night and expressed my frustration and lack of a Path.  I told her about the messages (ones she`s given me more than once incidentally) and she said...I thought you had a blog.

So, here I am and until something else comes along here I`ll stay.  As for the working with children well, that's going to have to be shortened to "work with child" until something else comes along as well because that's it.  I just have the one and I'm not a daycare type of person.  (Well, I've got two kids but the older one is 22 and he can take care of himself.)

I'll leave you with this for now.  My darling boys last Hallowe'en.  Waldo and The Duck.

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