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Friday, July 18, 2014

Another weekend away

So, I'm enjoying my time away but, I am beginnig to miss things at home.  My Ravvy and my own car seat pop into my head just now....and also while I'm driving the truck and putting the baby into it and taking him out.  There's really nothing wrong with's just awkward and not mine.

I think the baby is getting home sick too.  I was doing face-time calls with my parents and his dad regularly (semi) and thought that would help but, it doesn't seem to have and with him being so sick this week he really hasn't been the same at all.  I just hope he's feeling better soon.

In other news I feel as though things are moving in the right direction for me, aside from a few hiccups.  There's good things happening all the time now and it's going to get better, I can feel it!  I did my first attempt at a "channelled message" this week.  I was entirely invigorating and completely satisfying.  I'm going to practice some more right now.

I'll leave you with is truly amazing the wondrous things that come about when you LET GO and let things happen all on their own (this hasn't been an easy thing for me to learn, I'm still not entirely there yet) but, I'm much closer!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!  I hope it is inspired by The Divine Beings Guiding you through life.
~~<3 GillyBean
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