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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Don't judge me....

A bit of a vent here....

Don't judge.  They are not living your life and you are not living theirs.  So, you cover your needs with your choices and let them do what they will with theirs.

I choose to eat when I'm hungry.  Sleep when I'm tired.  Go out when I want.  Basically do as I like when I like.  This is QUITE simply put (of course there are on occasion things that have to be worked around but, everyone has those).  It has also changed drastically since I've got a baby now but still.....we sleep when we're tired and eat when we're hungry and basically do as we please.....and by "we" I mean "the baby" of course.  lol

Why should I restrict myself to a schedule that DOES NOT work for me or the baby?  I didn't put him in this schedule.  It just came about naturally.  If anything he put me on it.  If I KNOW that I am more productive in the dark hours than in the early morning hours then, why would I not live my life that way?

Just because someone's actions or behaviours to not work for you or you don't understand them do not think that they are evil or wrong or backward or unworthy.  This energy will be transferred to them and eventually it will become true.  THAT is SO wrong.

Luckily I have had enough practice in deflecting this type of psychic attack (and don't be fooled that is EXACTLY what it is) that it truly doesn't bother me however, there are those out there that are unaware such things exist and are therefore unable to protect themselves.  They DO NOT deserve your resentment, anger and mis-understanding.

signing off with love
~~<3 GillyBean
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