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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Adventures....oh yes!

So, today I decided (finally-it was late) to go for a drive with the baby.  I did need a few things and it was a yucky weather kind of day and we needed to get out of the house and out of the "in-law's" hair. So this didn't

It's not that they're bad people, they are just the opposite really, we just have different ideas.

Anyway, since I'm new to the area I thought, well, I'll go the "other way" because it's not really that different time-wise and I need to get to know the are.  Well, I ended up behind some tiny little town on a gravel road.  Decided NOT WITH THE BABY and turned around and went the way I knew.  Got to the town I was heading for and went to the Rec. Complex and asked about swimming lessons and schedule then we played in the park and got back in the truck and headed to the mall/store and ended up in some other little town on another gravel road that ended in the ocean.

So, finally got to where we were going and it was supper time.  Decided to have dinner at a fast food fish-n-chips place.  I'm pretty sure they over charged me...3 pc fish-n-chips with gravy and a pop for me and milk for the baby cost $23.  What?!? I thought to late.  *sigh*

Now, the baby is very good at picking up his Mom's moods and at about this time he started throwing fits.  I am usually good at blocking my energy from affecting him but....I am only human.  So, dinner was a BLAST to say the least.  After that we went to play in a grassy area and I thought everything was all better because we had some food, the baby had another run outside and everyone was calm again.  So, back in the truck....babies hate car seats.  Mine is quite stubborn and quite strong and very stubborn. Here the stress level went back up but, groceries had to be bought.  So, off we went.  SCREAMING through the store.  Then my parents called and started "talking" to me about things that I am not able to do anything about, haven't been able to do anything about for some time and won't be for some time still.  So, I've got a seriously unhappy baby, I'm pushing a cart around a store I don't know, listening to the same story about things that I don't want to hear about again and getting appalled at the price of fruit and lack of organic things here.

Now, I've told the baby that he can have some of the berries that I picked up after we pay for them.  This is not usually the way I do things.  I'm generally very patient and if he wants a snack while we're shopping then GO FOR IT!  However, I was frustrated and wanted to get out of there.  I have no idea where I wanted to get to in such a hurry.  Anyway, I'm sure he was upset by that because he really wanted some berries and as soon as we got to the check-out line .........

.....................  berries everywhere.  It also didn't help that I was on the phone.  However, had I known that it was that easy to open the container I'd have done it before or made sure he couldn't get at them.  I must have had quite a reaction though because people all around me were comforting me and making calming gestures.  Zack was happy, he had about 15 berries that didn't hit the floor.  He ate them while the nice lady cleaned up the mess as I stood there wondering "what next" while some guy kept telling me "let him eat his berries!  lol  I had quite given in to that by now.

Well, for some reason, I decided it was a good idea to call my parents back once we got in the truck and I won the car seat battle of wits.  It helped though because I got to complain about some things myself and also probably because I had a mini fit on my mother who was starting up with her complaints again so, I felt a wee bit better.

Then we are off "home".  Got lost again.  Got found again.  It got super foggy and I slowed down.  Then, as I finished thinking the thought "oh yeah, I was told that moose come out here at this time of night" (as the sun is going down) guess what?!?

A moose ran out into the road in front of me.  HE WAS HUGE.  Just add twilight and heavy fog and you'll get the idea of what I saw.  Slammed on the breaks, freaked out, threw the groceries all over the floor of the truck.  Asked the baby if he was ok.  He had no idea what had even happened.

At this time I was starting to panic because I was super low on gas and had no idea where the next station was.  After all I had 1/2 a tank when I left the house.  I realized as I was finishing my previous adventure that I needed a gas station and hoped to run into one.  Didn't.  I got to the next turn and now my phone is almost dead and has no service anyway and I can't remember which way to go but, can't look on the app on my phone.  Wouldn't be a HUGE deal, I'd have figured it out fairly quickly but....the gas issue.

Exactly what I did.  I went the right way and pulled into that gas station that WASN'T closed just as the truck started panicking about the lack of gasoline.  By the time I got home I was feeling better.  The house was empty so, that was better.  Took in the baby and the groceries, got everything put away and in came the in-laws.  So, the evening ended on a high note.

Learning this lesson the hard way!  lol

I sure did pick a doozy of a day to start my 100 Days of Happy!!  I managed to find something though.  More on that another night.

Have a pleasant and un-stressed out day/night.  This is where I'm headed.

love to you all
~~<3 GillyBean.
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