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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bead Soup's been Bungled.

So, we are at a frustrating point in our bead exchange. My partner and I are anyway.

My Bead Soup has arrived from England and I am not where it is for another four days!!  Ack!

On the other end the postal services had added on extra charge....basically holding my package hostage.  grrrr   That should be sorted out soon enough.

In the mean time I thought I'd give Bella (my partner) something to think about.

I've sent some stones.  The stone is called mookaite.  As far as I can tell it is from Australia (someday I want to go there).  It comes in so many different colours.  Red, purple, ivory, brown, pink, orange, black,'s awesome.

Twice in the last few years I've ended up visiting Kissimmee, Florida.  Along with the other attractions I went to some of the many flea markets that they have.  In the back of one of them there was a guy that makes jewelry.  He also sells stones.  It's great!  I get some amazing things and add all kinds of weight to my suitcase  and he makes a killing off of me!  Anyway, he's always got something interesting whether its the shape of the bead or the type of's usually my favourite part of the holiday.

This last time I got some mookaite in a few different shapes.  That along with a few other things I've acquired since is what I sent.

Here are some links that I've found;

A bit of history

Pics of a mine

Metaphysical properties - if your interested in that type of thing, ALSO there's a great picture of the different colours of the stone.

Where you can buy some - also some pictures of the incredible colours of this stone.

Some of my collection.

There's some incredible colours in there eh?

Hopefully next time there will be good news about both of us receiving our bead soup and pics!!

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!!
~<3 GillyBean.
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