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Monday, August 08, 2011

The Bead Soup Blog Party - August 2011

BSBP August 2011!!

What is it?  Click the pic!
Bead Soup Blog Party

So today I found my partner for the Bead Soup Blog Party . . . thankfully!  I have been faithfully reading all of my e-mails Lori Anderson who is spending her own precious free time doing the organizing of this massive event when I was surprised to read that the list of partners had been sent!  "Wait!!  I didn't get a list!  Ack!!"  Well, apparently that e-mail got sent out through some kind of server and my gmail account registered it as SPAM and I had to go hunting!

Anyway, I am SUPER excited yet VERY nervous all at the same time.  I was looking at a few of the sites for other people registered for this event and I feel as though I'm in a bit over my head.  All of these other ladies and (I assume there are) gentleman are making their own findings and beads and such...yikes!  lol  I'm sure I'm up for the task of making something amazing with what I'm sent but, I'm completely terrified of sending something out that isn't up to par.  I'm new to the jewelry making world and while I'm looking forward (in the future) to making my own beads and findings and everything else I'm just not there yet.

Now, because I had some trouble finding things that all of the people on the list actually made I'll put a link below to find my things.  I hope it works!  Now, the pictures aren't great by any means, they were taken with my phone and posted to my fb page but, they give an idea of what I do.

My Creations

Trial and Error

Happy Beading...or whatever it is that you do!

~<3 GillyBean.
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