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Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's been a while so,

I don't have A LOT to say  but, it's been a while so I thought I'd pop in and say HI!

Not much to say.  Oh wait!

I did have an actual adventure the other night!

We had an incredible storm.

It was a lovely evening when I left.  There was a few bits of lightning in the clouds.  Then right in the middle of the horizon this HUGE bolt of lightning struck, and connected the sky and the ground for two or three seconds.  Now, I absolutely LOVE thunder and lightning storms so, my reaction would probably make people look at me like I was crazy but, I let out a whoop of delight and kept on going.  Oh, right I was in the car (my sister's, another adventure for another time, lol).  I drove on for a few more minutes and there was a little more lightning in the clouds and BANG another great bolt of lightning.  How exciting! I couldn't wipe the smile off my face.  This time there was a little bit of rain but nothing The YarCar and I couldn't handle.  I mean I  grew up driving an '88 Toyota LE Van in the Rockies.  A bit of rain is nothing...good to clean the windshield.  hehehe

So, I continued on, watching the clouds but, nothing happening.  Then I saw a cloud formation that looked like an eye.  Not a scary or creepy eye just someone up there looking down to see what they could see.  It was odd.  It looked a lot like this.

The Eye of Horus.  While I was looking at it trying to remember what it was called and what it was supposed to mean and wondering if I had time to pull over and dig out the camera or if it was worth it ...  the clouds went from a lightish grey to dark menacing black in a matter of seconds-that may be an exaggeration but, not by much.  It was AMAZING!  Then the lightning picked up.  It was still ahead of me and off to the side so, I still wasn't worried.  I mean, I'd just seen the Eye of Horus, what was to worry about right (it's for protection)?  Besides I had a spectacular view of the storm that was brewing.  I was hoping to make it to town in time to enjoy the thunder and rain in the trailer of the friend I was on my way to see.  Pretty soon I had made it up to where the nasty dark clouds were.  OH MY!!  It was pitch black in the day light hours then there'd be lightning flashes and it would be daylight again.  This is where I thought to myself....I think I'm heading into the, my next reaction should probably have me committed but, I was excited.  The energy from the lightning seemed to be flowing through me and it felt GREAT!!

I kept going,  the rain was starting but, it wasn't too bad so, I wasn't too worried.  I got to the bottom of The Hill and the lightning was coming faster and faster, it was like a strobe light.  Incredible.  Then the rain hit. HOLY GOD!!!  Did it ever hit.  The wipers wouldn't go fast enough for me to be able to see clearly but, I knew if I stopped I may not get going again.  I was in a Yaris after all, I thought, damn I hope she's got good tires on this thing....I was also thinking to myself, this must be a big storm because I haven't heard any thunder yet.  That's when the hail started.  Thankfully, it didn't last long, I was worried that it would dent my Sister's baby and she would never forgive me for that, natural disaster or not!

Then I saw lights on a police car.  I thought oh please don't make me stop, because on top of being worried about not getting going again as the water on the road was fairly deep (I could feel the car hydro-planing from time to time) I had to get to town in time to pick up dinner.  LoL  yes, foolish thing to be worrying about.  ...actually, the real worry was that I was hoping to get a chance to call my friend and say can you pick it up instead.  However, I was busy "keeping it between the lines" and wasn't able to do so and there was no way I was pulling over so, no phone calls for me.

Anyway, there was no stopping, the worst parts were the people who thought they drove better than I did because they were in bigger vehicles passing me and messing with the wind currents and throwing more water in front of me.  As I said earlier though, I grew up driving on black ice in snow storms so a little rain an lightning didn't do anything.  It was a HUGE rush, I loved it!  It was mostly abated except for a little rain by the time I got to town and I was completely exhilarated.  What a drive that was!  I didn't even get 'road rage-y' at the guy in the big cube van that was obviously disoriented from his experience in the storm and couldn't pick a lane and tried to squish me.  No, that didn't bug me at all.  Even thinking about it again, I get that same high.  I loved it.

What killed my buzz was the absolutely appalling customer service from the lady where I was picking up dinner.  What is it with people these days that it is so hard to be pleasant to each other.  Every chance she got she was rude.  I should have said something but, what?  She thought it was me being offensive although, I'm not really sure what I did to offend her besides going to her place of business.

Honestly, if you are that unhappy in your life change it.  There's a lesson we all need to live (me especially) I just need to find a way to do it.

When I got to my friend's place and told him all about the last 90 minutes I asked him if he'd heard any thunder.  He said that there was all kinds of it.  That's when I realized I must have been smack dab in the middle of the storm because I didn't hear any...and I don't think the stereo in it goes that loud.  Isn't thunder caused by air being super heated by the lighting and then it clapping together?  I'm pretty sure it's something like that, I'm also sure there is someone out there who could explain it better than me.  All I know is that there was lots of lightning and even more rain and no thunder where I was.  I realize now that I was lucky not to be struck.  What an experience that would have been!!

Anyway, I need to head off to sleep now.  I agreed to help someone and need to be awake to do it in six hours...yep, that's me 'sucker for punishment' it's written on my forehead. hehehe

I wish you all great adventures every day.

~<3 GillyBean.
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