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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Full Moon / Mercury in Retrograde / Be Healing Mandala

I have been having the hardest time with energy in the air recently. I've finally figured out what's causing it!!

First the moon. I live in the very far north, and I'm not sure that it's "north" or just where I am in the north.  Anyway, here the Full Moon seems to last AT LEAST three nights is more intense than anywhere I've ever experienced before (and I've lived in  A LOT of places, maybe I'll tell you about them someday).  Then there is the New Moon.  It's just about as bad....and ON TOP of that when the moon is know when you look up in the sky and its just this huge yellow ball (or part of one) .... that energy tingles up and down my arms and legs and lingers in the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet.  I soon hope to know how to harness it and use it for good.  Reiki, I pray that will help me!
*A chart    *An essay

A while ago I learned of "Mercury in Retrograde".  What an interesting time this is.  If you've had trouble getting something off the ground recently this could be why.  Try again in a week or more and you should have more luck.  This explains A LOT of moodiness for me.
*A newsletter    *Some good info with a chart    *Good info with a sense of humour!    *This is who I learned about MiR from - some good advice

The Be Healing Mandala...there is a web site / store that is full of intuitive women and one man.  They are incredible!  The lady that heads the group is quite amazing too.  This group of people have come up with a Crystal Healing Grid Mandala. Each one of them has a stone/crystal on this grid that Claire has picked out specially for them and everyday someone charges it with a different energy or intent.  You can purchase a place on this grid for a certain amount per month or week..I don't remember how it works.  Anyway, I was added to it.  Now, anytime someone works with it (especially Claire and especially when she's adding someone new) I get the tingly agitated feeling.  Again, I just wish I knew how to channel that energy for the good.  ....soon!  lol
The Be Healing Website - it's worth a look!

PS: If you want my advice and are thinking about having a reading I suggest an Angel Reading.  I've had readings done by Claire, Tiffany (the Reiki Master whom I'm getting my certification from), Balen (that was a quickie but, I'm looking into something more) and Christine.  All of which were incredibly insightful.  I'll also mention that I've never been in the same room with a single one of them but, a few of them I feel quite close to.  Also, if you're on fb and you "like" their group...the 3333rd person wins a free reading.  When I looked earlier tonight it was at 3320 so, hurry on over!

That's it for tonight.  I wish you all a restful, relaxing Sunday and hope that you don't have too many "Murphy's Moments" as a result of the Cosmos!

~<3 GillyBean
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