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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Oh what a day!! Potentially 4 big things.

#1 - Bead Soup!!


I was completely stressed out for close to a week about what I would send for my Bead Soup.  I had been focused on what I'd get and wondered about what I'd have a chance to create....never once did it cross my mind to think about what I'd be sending!  lol   (if it had I may not have signed up, I'm sure glad I did though)

Finally, I asked my angels (who are always with me and constantly averting disaster) to gimme a hand with this one.  It took a few days (I'm terribly impatient) but, OH MAN !  Did they ever deliver!  The funny thing about it is when I ordered what arrived today I didn't even know the BSBP existed!!  Talk about divine timing!

Anyway, my usual habit is to make something and post it to my fb immediately to share with friends and family.  I couldn't do that this time because I've got links to my fb albums on my blog and don't want to ruin the surprise!  So now, here I sit BURSTING with excitement and I cant share it with anyone because they're all asleep.   I'm a night owl and tend to work late...ah well, c'est la vie!   I will put some pics up in a few days. I promise they won't give anything away.

One little glitch is that I didn't have a pretty clasp to perfectly match my focal bead. I had some a few months ago.  lol   However, I've made peace with what I've chosen to send and can't wait to see what my partner does with it all.  I sure know what I'd try to do!

#2 - A realization

This one actually happened last night.  I have this 'friend' that I have been in a non-committed relationship with for over two years now.  He was just out of a long bad marriage and I have had a long string of bad experiences.   We just seemed to mutually came to the understanding that we'd carry on how we had been and do what we do and not have any strings.  It's been going along just fine.  Sometimes one of us gets a little more attached, or the other pulls away but, generally it's been lovely.  We've always got a 'date' but, don't have to worry about making plans around what the other one is doing.

Perfect right?

Well, the other night I realized something as I was driving into town after work to visit with him and thinking about all the things that I should be home doing, laundry, studying, defrosting the fridge, sleeping, making my bead soup, ....basically; bettering myself so that I can get out of this god-forsaken wasteland that I work in and open my business.  That's when it hit me (out of the blue, like a bucket of water from the sky lol) that I spend A LOT of time on this "relationship" that isn't going anywhere.  When I spoke with a friend about it today she seemed as shocked about me realizing it as I did., what to do...  lol ...must be time to move on.

#3 - My Reiki Manual Arrived!!!

I can't tell you how excited I was to receive this in the mail today.  I opened it at work and dared to start reading it. I can't wait to make an appointment to start learning how to work with it.  It is Usui Level 1 & 2.  Soon, not only will I be able to make jewelry for wonderful people, I'll be able to charge it with certain "intents" for the people buying it to help them in whatever way that they feel help is needed.  I LOVE empowering people.


lol, ok...that's the potential one.  I bought a ticket.  I would love for it to be true!  Someday....soon I hope.  I'm sure all of you feel the same.  I'm just going to believe in the power of positive thinking and attraction.  ...let the universe deliver to me what I need.

Have a super wonderful day everyone!!
~<3 GillyBean.
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