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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

days off


I'm on my way home for days off at long last!!  This past few months have been long and exhausting and so packed full of everything you could possibly imagine!

I am exhausted and exhilarated at the same time...yes, it is possible.  lol

I have 9 whole days off this time.  One has been spent.  Another two (at least) will be spent travelling and the rest...who knows. I'm hoping to get some Geocaching in this time.  Do some beading.  I've got some fabulous new ideas brewing! I'm so excited!!!  Also, I have to practice my newest skill.  Reiki.  At long last I am now a Certified Level II USUI Reiki Practitioner.

Now, of course because I'm not at work my Bead Soup will arrive...ah well, I've got time to figure out what I'll do with it after my days off.  I can't wait!  Why does the mail take so long?!?   hehehe

Anyway, I'm off to sleep now, in my hotel room, in one of those charming little hotels that you don't look too closely at because you are afraid of what you might find but are too cheap to pay the extra $50 for the guarantee of a nice room.  lol   It's clean enough, it's just too bad I can still smell the last person who lived here.  I also (sadly) know that at some point during his (I assume it was a he) stay he had some sour cream and onion chips.  *sigh*  At least the sheets and pillow cases are clean and the bathtub was divine...mostly and the internet is free!  Oh, I think they tried to bribe me at check in with a box of chocolates.  I've never seen that before.  It's a neat idea.

Also, before I go, I should put in a HUGE thank you to my team of guardians.  This hotel (motel?) is still on the old system of keys.  Big, square, with the number stamped on, and must remember the type.  lol   Anyway, I opened my room (the door didn't swing shut behind me, I think that's what messed me up) hauled a few things in from the YarCar and closed the door, put on the chain, undressed, fixed the curtains, put down the blinds (yes in that order sadly, didn't notice the window at the back of the dark room and didn't realize the curtains were gaping), turned on the a/c (hoping to filter some of the smell) and climbed in the tub.  After a few hours of relaxing I decided I wanted that bag of chips in the passenger seat, pretty sure I forgot to have dinner tonight.  So, I went outside to get them and the key was still in the door.  Yikes!!  So, to my guardians those that we can all see and hear and those that only a special few can....thank you very much for keeping "the wrong people" from noticing that lapse in my diligence....and believe me when I tell you that Northern Alberta has more than it's fair share of "the wrong people".  This is why my Angels are so darn busy and why my best friend's father is often heard uttering the words "she's a scatter-brain but, she's OUR scatter-brain and we love her".  Love you too PaPa Bear!

So, with another adventure well underway GillyBean style I'll sign off by wishing all your days are filled with love, peace and laughter.

~<3 GillyBean.
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